When designing a website from scratch, there are many platforms and tools out there that are sure to help you create the website that you want. However, you’re likely considering using WordPress or Webflow, as these are two of the most popular options. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each option, and which one should you pick? Here is a handy guide to help you decide which platform best fits your needs.

Advantages of Webflow

Perhaps the most significant advantage you can enjoy from Webflow is the fact that you need no knowledge of coding to create a website. All you need is a keen eye for design, and you’ll soon be able to create a unique website. Additionally, you aren’t stuck with stock templates when you use Webflow – you can customise every aspect of the website to fit your needs. This means that you can implement bespoke designs, interactive animations, or whatever fits your fancy – and all will be unique to your site.

To add to this, SEO and a poweful CMS can all be handled and fully customized with Webflow, as well as other features like site backups and SSL. This means that your website can be frequently updated and easily maintained. The user side updating of sites is also a breeze with Webflow, with possibly the most user friendly UI on the market.

Disadvantages of Webflow

The most significant disadvantage with Webflow, at least compared with WordPress, is that it is not free. While it does come with a free plan, not all features will be available to you. Also, since it is relatively new, some of its newer functionalities still need to be fully developed, such as its e-commerce capabilities. To add to this, if you are planning to host a Webflow website with a provider that does not utilize Webflow's interface, you may lose some features.

Advantages of WordPress

Now, let’s talk about WordPress. The most significant advantage WordPress has over Webflow is the fact that it is entirely free. Not only that, but since WordPress has been around for years and years, there’s plenty of support for it. You’ll also have access to a library full of thousands upon thousands of website templates. Also, if you are looking for plugins to install on the website, you can choose from the many that have been developed over the years. Finally, since WordPress has been one of the—if not the most—popular web designing solutions, many services will be familiar with it. In other words, you can easily find a designer that works with WordPress or you can find a web host that can adequately host a WordPress website.

Disadvantages of WordPress

While the platform is free, there are still some features you will need to pay for, like premium templates and hosting. When it comes to SEO, while you can easily get that done with WordPress, some plugins that help with SEO need to be purchased separately. Unfortunately, security is perhaps its most significant disadvantage. Security needs to be handled by the site owner, meaning that if you do not have a thorough knowledge of how to implement proper security, your website can be easily compromised. Not to mention, although there is plenty of support for WordPress, it can take quite some time for someone to help you due to the sheer number of users on the platform. Coupled with this, the learning curve for new users, and those looking to update their own site can be fairly steep.


So, which one should you pick? If you want something that everyone's heard of and is quite reputable, go with WordPress. If you want something easy to use that will allow you to build a website from scratch without knowing code, then Webflow is the way to go. Either way, both options are great, and the one you will pick will depend on what you are looking for and how you want to build it. Just know that whichever your pick, a website is sure to help you grow as a business and will enable you to build the brand that you want!

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