Some people use the words "logo" and brand" interchangeably, thinking that they’re practically the same thing. While they might be referring to the symbol that represents an organisation, the two words actually have very different meanings. If you did not know, a logo is a mark of your company to help distinguish it from competitors. However, a brand, while it might include a logo, is more than that. It is a combined idea of your company, meaning that it also encompasses your mission and vision statement, how it is represented, and so on. While many companies tend to stick to their original brand, some find it necessary to rebrand their business for many reasons.

Wondering if you need to rebrand your business? These four indicators will help you determine if it’s the right move:

01 — The wrong audience is coming to you

Of all the people viewing your products and services, how many are actually in need of it and ready to buy? If you’re reaching the wrong audience, then the issue very likely lies in your branding. The way your brand is positioned tells the audience what they can expect from you. If that expectation is not satisfying your actual target customers but some other group, a rebranding is due.

02 — You want more out of your brand

Sometimes, you may find that a brand just doesn't cut it anymore. You might be even embarrassed by the fact that your brand is not accurately reflecting your business. If that is the case, a proper rebrand is due. If you feel like you cannot be proud of your company's branding, your customers will very likely feel the same way.

03 — The brand quality does not match your business

If you bootstrapped your business from the ground, chances are that your branding isn’t as professional as it should be. Perhaps you even made the logo on free software and pack your products in unbranded packaging material. While these things may be fine, to begin with, that branding might not suit your company as it grows. A business should be looking to increase in quality as they scale. To ensure that your brand is an accurate representation of your business, consider having it reworked.

04 — Your brand is like that of your competitors

Perhaps the worst that can come of your brand is your audience being unable to remember what your brand is or mistaking it for one of your competitors. If your brand is too similar to that of a competitor, a rebrand is a necessity. Remember, your beliefs and ideas will be unique, but if your brand is not able to capture that, this may not be reflected for your audience to see.


If you relate to any of the reasons we have shared with you, then you need to get to rebranding your business right away. Waiting any longer can risk creating an image that you did not want or a reputation that you dislike. That said, do not just go do all the rebranding yourself. Rather, hire a professional and have them share their opinions with your branding. They will be able to identify what it is you need to change and how to go about changing it in the best way possible.

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